PPI - False Ceilings
False Ceilings: The Present and Future of Buildings
The way life without computers and internet is impossible to imagine today,
likewise buildings without false ceilings are an impossible imagination today.

Its the era of false ceilings today
Every hotel, every house, every corporate structure, every showroom, every single building that comes up today talks of false ceilings. The false ceilings give u an interior that help you customize the feel u need to get when u enter the particular premise. The variety available is limited to the creativity of the designers and architects.

"If you are under a true ceiling its time to shift under a false one..."
Benefits of False Ceilings:
* Offers desired ambience.
* Huge variety of looks can be possible.
* Flexibility for changing the electric accessories fit onto the ceiling.     Outlet points for electric appliances can be as many as we like with the     ease of maintainance unlike our "true" ceilings.
* Concealed lighting.
* Decorative lighting. ( heavy mix of colors )
* Speakers can be fit onto the ceiling
* Adds billion dollars to the beauty of the place.
* Possible for room/hall of any size and shape.
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